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8月 24, 2021
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There are so many distinct cases in Case Hunter that you will have to resolve! Find evidence and hidden objects to resolve cases! Enjoy a lot here now.

If you like detective films, cases, and riddles, you may enjoy so many materials nowadays. There are various kinds of games and movies you may enjoy in various situations nowadays.

There are many interesting and entertaining games that you may enjoy with puzzles nowadays, but Case Hunter is the game to play if you are searching for one. This is a fun game that allows you to solve problems on many levels today.

In this game today, you may have fun with so many interactive stages. Each level offers a new detective case to solve using clues, objects, and puzzles.

In various instances, there are so many difficult levels accessible, such as murder, mystery, disappearances, and more. You may enjoy all kinds of stuff in this game and discover hidden items and hints all around you. Solve as many cases as possible and assist individuals here!

Case Puzzles Solved

There are many incredible things you may appreciate nowadays in detective cases. You can watch a movie or a app since you will have pleasure with the characters deducting the instances.

Then certain games will personally test you, so you will be the one to resolve the situations. If you like lovely visuals and intriguing cases, Case Hunter is your game! You may solve as many detective cases as you can today via this mobile game.

In this game, you may solve various problems that plague the town. At each stage, you will confront a new scenario where you may solve different problems. You need to fulfill the objectives at each level to resolve a killing case, work at a restaurant and much more.

Each level is unique and you require proof collected, items managed and the crime resolved! You will be working here as a detective who solves riddles.

Enjoy today's stylish visuals and background music! Have fun investigating crimes, solving puzzles, and discovering hidden things here.

Case Hunter capabilities

There are so many variables to consider when it comes to fixing problems. Try your talents at solving numerous cases in Case Hunter!

Detective Puzzle-So many entertaining detective games are available to you right now. These are games to solve so many mysteries and crimes as the responsible detective.

Many players like these games, so they always seek a new one. You may download Case Hunter now, if you are someone who also loves these games. In this game, you will have to tackle a range of difficult stages with cases.

This is a puzzle detective game in which each level offers a new challenge. There are so many stages, such as Rescue the Cow, where you rescue a cow from the surrounding flames.

You may accomplish this by putting pipes in place to get the water out of the drum. There are so many stages you may play here where you can deal with various things. Discover things, analyse objects, and more!

Difficult levels-There are so many great levels that you encounter today in this game. Each level presents a new challenge that you must solve with all your might. Use your wits to understand how the level may be completed today.

There are several stages here, including Caffee Work, where you have to manipulate the café while the owner sleeps. There's also a level in which you'll locate a missing man's roommate! Here you may get hints and enjoy completing puzzles.

Art style of fun-This game offers cartoon visuals you will know and enjoy immediately. It's recognizable because it's like the renowned cartoons in the United States.

Apart from that, the animation is unique and you may interact with it in different locations. You may interact with several of the objects here to solve the riddles!

Analyze pathways and solve problems – You will have to engage with various items here to resolve the stages.

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