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Call Of Duty Mobile Apk 2021

Ứng dụng bởi:
Activision Publishing, Inc.
Phiên bản:
1.0.28 cho Android
Cập nhật vào:
Thg9 29, 2021
Kích thước:
1.5 GB
Yêu cầu Android:
Android 6.0
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Tải về Call Of Duty Mobile Apk

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game for Android and iOS developed by TiMi Studio Group and distributed by Activision. On October 1, 2019, the game was launched. It was one of the most successful mobile game debuts in history, earning over $480 million in revenue and 270 million downloads in a year. Garena, Tencent Games, VNG Games, and TiMi Studio Group released Call of Duty: Mobile in various countries. It has 500 million downloads by the beginning of May 2021, making it one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

The world's No.1 First-Person Shooter series, Call of Duty: Legends of War apk, has arrived on mobile! Activision and Tencent Games' highly anticipated mobile game.

The Call of Duty apk includes incredible maps, gear, weapons, and characters from the Call of Duty world. You may take charge of the fast-paced action on your own, and you will have additional great abilities waiting for you. Call of Duty Legends of War for Android has a slew of characters, including Ghost, Price, and more.

There are presently two game types in the game: multiplayer and zombies. Players will be able to engage in player versus player (PvP) combat in multiplayer mode, with 10 players split into two teams. The multiplayer mode is further subdivided into two modes: Team Deathmatch and Frontline. In the zombie mode, players may fight zombies alone or in groups to win the game.

Other Features of Call of Duty: Legends of War apk

  • Collect iconic heroes and weapons
  • Intuitive pick up and play controls
  • High fidelity graphics on mobile
  • Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Legends of War apk can be played with the most popular Call of Duty characters, such as Captain Price from Modern Warfare, Overlord from Ghosts Ghosts, and others. Characters may then be customized to the player's preferences by gaining perks, weapons, talents, and equipment through Supply Drops. It will also include all of the most popular Call of Duty maps, such as Nuketown, Crash, and Hijacked, among others.

In multiplayer mode, players may opt to play ranked or unranked matches. It features two kinds of in-game currency: "Credits," which may be won by playing the game, and "COD Points," which must be purchased with real-world money. The entire game may be played for free, but certain unique characters and weapon skins can only be obtained with COD Points. Aside from normal matchmaking, users may enter a private room for both multiplayer and battle royale modes, where they can invite and fight with just their in-game buddies.

The multiplayer mode is a simple first-person shooter, similar to earlier Call of Duty games on other platforms, with classic maps included. Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free for All, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and other basic game types are available. There are also "Scorestreaks," which are unique weaponry that becomes accessible when the player achieves specific periods and points in the game. Furthermore, the game has unique and restricted multiplayer modes that may run for days, weeks, or even an entire game season. Prop Hunt, Rapid Fire, Sticks and Stones, 2v2, Capture the Flag, One Shot One Kill, Snipers Only, Gun Game, and Attack of the Undead are just a few examples.

The Battle Royale

Battle royale variants with up to 100 players are also included in the game. A player may choose to play alone, as part of a two-man team, or as part of a four-man squad. At the start of a game, each player selects an ability ranging from healing to building a launchpad. When all 100 passengers are ready, they board an aircraft that will fly in a straight line over the map. Every game, this flight route is different. Every team is assigned a jump leader who determines when and where the team will land. At the start of the game, each player has just a knife.

The battlefield is littered with weapons, vehicles, and objects that players may utilize to increase their chances of killing opponents while remaining alive. The map's safe zone decreases as the game continues, and players that stay beyond the zone are killed. If a team is the last one standing, they win the game.

There are additional limited duration modes such as Battle Royale: Blitz and Battle Royale: Alcatraz, which are squad-based games with only 40 players, with the exception of Snipers only, which has 100 players with only pistols and sniper/marksman weapons accessible. There is also 20 V 20 Warfare, a team-based game with only forty players in which you respawn after death and retain all of your equipment; your team wins when they achieve a specific number of kills.

In November 2019, a Zombies mode was introduced. It pitted groups of players against waves of undead. Endless Survival Mode, which played like the traditional zombie experience, and Raid Mode, which hurled a predetermined number of waves at the players before switching to a monster fight, were both available.

The players had the option of playing on regular or heroic difficulties. Because it did not meet the required level of quality, the model was discontinued in March 2020. Undead siege, a zombie mode from COD online, was introduced to the game in season 6 in August 2021. In undead siege zombie mode, a team of four players must survive and defend their teleportation device against endless waves of zombies for five days and nights in "isolated" terrain.

During the day, players must gather supplies (guns, ammunition, turret material, etc.) that will be utilized to defend the base against a swarm of zombies at night. Players may select between the Casual and Hard difficulty levels. The Undead siege would be withdrawn in the final week of September, and it would return with minor changes when Season 9 begins.

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It’s all out global warfare and we’re calling on you to join the frenzy in Call of Duty: Mobile, Season 7: Elite of the Elite! Fight on Scrapyard and Monastery with Demir and the Hades - Shoulder Cannon from the battle pass! Watch top teams from your region compete in the World Championship 2021 Stage 4: Regional Playoffs. We’re teaming up with award-winning musician Ozuna for an Epic crate! Are you ready to join forces with the elite? Play now!

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Tải xuống Call Of Duty Mobile Apk 2021 cho thiết bị Android của bạn. Tại đây, bạn có thể tải xuống tệp Call Of Duty Mobile Apk 2021 miễn phí cho điện thoại Android, máy tính bảng hoặc thiết bị khác hỗ trợ HĐH Android.

Tại đây có hơn 1, 00, 000+ Ứng dụng apk android miễn phí và cao cấp có sẵn mà bạn có thể chọn theo nhu cầu của mình. Chọn ứng dụng từ danh mục bất kỳ loại ứng dụng nào bạn đang tìm kiếm bạn có thể tìm thấy dễ dàng và nhanh chóng.

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User Reviews
Allen : Initially,it's a gr8 app and I enjoy it very much but the most annoying thing is, the players that we buy with our coins doesnt have any special trait.
Alex : Finally found this app, I was searching this apk all over the internt and found here.
Ziyad : My experience with it this application since like 5 years now, is okay, actually more than that, though it also has glitches and stuff like that, like everybody else, but i just got used to it.
Ryan : This apk does more than just clean up your mobile. It also offers tools to secure your online activity and clear your tracks by deleting data from your browser. However, this is a feature that is already built into most modern web browsers by default.