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There are numerous thematic games after the apocalypse. But have you ever felt you discovered a sanctuary, finally lost and ready to fall back into the clutches of zombies? You keep fleeing, and a lengthy new battle is beginning. Playing Last Fortress: You'll learn the end of surviving below the APK.


Last Fortress: Underground is about zombie outbreak survivors. Castle, the fortunates' sole shelter, has finally fallen. The crowd that believed they had been spared was again forced to escape in fury and fear, more so than in the last terrible evacuation.

In the game, you are the leader of a group of survivors, who take them to escape into a wasteland. On the journey back, more violently than before, to get away from the undead, you and your companions found an abandoned castle sticking out of the earth. You chose to take everyone to the refuge fortress without any other option in this hazardous circumstance. In this wasteland, the fight for survival continues.

Making smart use of human resources and resources

Last Fortress: Underground offers you a zombie battle totally different from what is known. In this strong and gloomy stronghold, you will have to discover several items to see and manage the space around you: satellites, generators, lighting systems. You and your fellow survivors in this stronghold will gather here too. Join them to establish connections and take part in the fight to survive outdoors in this frightening world.

Each member of the group has unique talents in life that assist themselves and the group to live under severe conditions. From cooks, physicians, and engineers to scientists, miners, and warriors, you have to use their talents efficiently!

That's the core of the Last Fortress strategy: underground. Since everyone has their own strengths and limitations, they are entirely reliant on your wit and sensitivity to take advantage of the circumstances. You don't have to carry the squad alone, but as a leader you have to perform well. This is how excellent leadership is to recognize power and to use this power for the benefit of your team.

You will assign workers to travel in the surrounding wasteland to seek backup shelters and valuable materials. This is hazardous because if it's not done correctly, you'll lose the zombies that are insane outside of your weapon and team life.

You will be successful in thinking about numerous alternatives, coordination, assignment, and cooperation.

Whether in the battle with zombies or subterranean survival, every day you and your friends will discover an unparalleled method to satisfy the varied requirements of everyone. As the leader, you must determine the order of priority in order to balance security and defence. The security of the party and the whole castle depends on your division. You have to build a special "army" of all those with fitness and fighting skills. They are both the army that rises to seek rare materials and those who can use weapons to fight against zombies when they meet.

Defense will be carried out via activities within the castle and farther below. You will allocate the appropriate personnel with specialised tools to speed up the building and research process. There were zombies and thousands of dangers on the ground, so we created an underground method in which life may continue to grow separately.