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Gematria Calculator App 2021 Apk

App par:
C. Skyler Young
1.2.1 Pour Android
Mis à jour le:
oct. 11, 2021
52 MB
Requis Android:
Android 6.0
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Research Gematria and numerology with a mobile optimized user experience. Made with thought and care by the minds behind

Features include:

  • Easily input different sized text blocks with single line "word" mode, or multiline "paragraph" mode.
  • Show any numbers of active cipher values at the same time for the same text.
  • Drill into a cipher for details including letter values, word values, total values, cipher value chart, and alternate letter values.
  • Streamline your interface with show/hide options for numerology values, letter values, and cipher charts.
  • Works offline, no internet connection required.

Includes the following ciphers:

  • Simple English Gematria (Ordinal Gematria)
  • Pythagorean Gematria (Reduction Gematria)
  • Reverse Simple English (also called Reverse Ordinal)
  • Reverse Pythagorean (also called Reverse Reduced)
  • Sumerian
  • Reverse Sumerian
  • Francis Bacon
  • Franc Baconis
  • Jewish Gematria
  • English Extended
  • Satanic
  • Septenary
  • Chaldean
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Quoi de neuf

  • Recently updated
  • Virus and malware-free
  • Minor bug fixes 🤏🛠️

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User Reviews
Alex : Finally found this app, I was searching this apk all over the internt and found here.
Allen : Initially,it's a gr8 app and I enjoy it very much but the most annoying thing is, the players that we buy with our coins doesnt have any special trait.
Ryan : This apk does more than just clean up your mobile. It also offers tools to secure your online activity and clear your tracks by deleting data from your browser. However, this is a feature that is already built into most modern web browsers by default.
Ziyad : My experience with it this application since like 5 years now, is okay, actually more than that, though it also has glitches and stuff like that, like everybody else, but i just got used to it.