Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked APK

Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021

App By:
Nextwave Multimedia
v2.9.2 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 06, 2021
75 MB
Required Android:
Android 4.1
Official Website:
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Welcome to the next pay generation of mobile cricket! Every cricket lover can now play the most advanced mobile 3D cricket game in their hands! You can play the maximum hits of cricket, including the famous heart shovel, helicopter shots, and up-cuts! This is the game of cricket fans for you! You can look forward too!

You can customize your players and make your team happy with custom banners! You can also see animations, more cricket venues, new controls, and new camera angles! 'World Cricket Championship 2' has features that make it the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile cricket. Get ready for a little crazy entertainment !!

The game has various modes like Practice Mode, Quick Play Mode, Blitz Tournament, ODI Series, Indian Premier League and World Championship, which ultimately gives you a unique style of play. In addition, this incredible game offers more than 45 versatile shot options, including chopper shots, upshots, straight drives, switch hits, pull shots, heart scoops and much more

The game gives you everything you can expect from a perfect cricket game for a smartphone.

But you know, there are a lot of premium things like sports goods and cricket stadiums that are locked in the game. If we want to unlock them we have to spend coins which we can earn by constantly winning games, or we can even buy from the game store by paying real money.

To solve this problem, I will share a direct download link of the WCC2 mode app with Unlimited Coins. Keep reading and I will go to show you how to win every championship using this version of the game.

More New Cricket Bets and Bling Gender Promotions - This World Cup cricket mode includes over 60 different strokes and 8+ different gender promotions. It includes many iconic shots like Dhoni, Sachin's Uppercut, and Dilshan's Heart Shot Helicopter. You'll also find two different punch modes, the Classic and the Pro.

Unlock Tournament - One of the most popular tournaments in WCC and WCC2 is the Blitz Tournament, but sadly you have to buy and unlock it. But today you can find many tournaments in various forms in this MOD as well as blitz tournaments.

Graphics - Now it's a key part of every player's quest. If graphics is your thing, this game will not disappoint at all. The latest version of the game offers many realistic graphics experiences. The latest WCC2 AP is full of diving catches and electrification like real pitches like throw and dust, green and dead. To make the game more realistic, in the latest version of the game, players can get injured if they choose the wrong shot.

Versatile Team and Seat Selection - World Cricket Championship 2 latest mode APK is full of 18 international teams and 10 home teams. In addition, it has more than 24 different stadium venues and grounds, giving you a real gaming experience. Many of them are closed, but we have unlocked all the phases in this MOD APK.

Multiple Cricket Tournaments - The World Cup is full of more than four competitions and many more hot events, including the Cricket Test Series, the World Cup, the Blitz Tournament, the World T20 and the ODI Series. And in this MOD APK we have unlocked for you to enjoy.

Excellent Camera Positioning - To provide a premium view, the latest version of WCC2 has multiple camera locations. Now you can watch the game from the side of the batsman and from the end of the bowler. In addition, you get a Bling Ling Summary and a dynamic data field for Hawk-Eye for 3G Wagon Wheels to check LBW decisions. You can also find many camera angles for slow-motion replay.

Night Match with LED Stumps - WCC2 is also packed with night tournaments and this night tournament is played with LED stumps.

Too many controls - The latest World Cup Cricket 2 APK has a lot of customizations that any player can create. You can create 11 game teams; You can generate and share game highlights, field placements, and many other tasks at the end of the game.

No root required - No need to root your Android device to install this MOD APK. All you have to do is set the game up properly, and that's it

Advertising Free - I know many of you are related to me, which annoys me the most when I play advertising games. But now you don't have to worry anymore because no ads are displayed in this MOD APK.

Other Features of Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked:

  • Online and Offline 1v1 Multiplayer via Online Rivals and Local Rivals
  • Ashes to Ashes Test Tournament
  • 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions
  • Rain Interruption, D/L Method
  • Hot-Spot & Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge
  • Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for free!
  • Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws to surprise the opponent.
  • Challenging AI opponent
  • Realistic ball physics which responds to the pitch (Dead, Dusty, Green)
  • Player attributes – Players gain extra skills for consistent performance
  • 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, 42 different stadiums. TEST Cricket, Hot Events and more than 11 tournaments including World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament and ODI Series.
  • The Gangs of Cricket mode where the user can form gangs and compete in challenges.
  • Challenge A Friend mode enables the user to challenge your friends.
  • Batsman may get injured for poor shot selection.
  • The emotions of the fielders vary according to the circumstances of the match.
  • Cinematic cameras and real-time lighting enhance the visual appeal.

  • 3D Wagon wheel with dynamic game data
  • Hawk-eye view for bowling summary & for LBW appeals
  • 3D Bar chart for innings run scored
  • Ultra slow motion Action replays with multiple camera angles
  • Over 40+ in-game camera angles
  • Two different batting controls (Classic & Pro)
  • Two different batting camera settings (Bowler’s end & Batsman’s end)
  • Fielders are configured with advanced ball - head coordination system
  • Professional English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sounds
  • Night mode in Quickplay and all tournaments with LED stumps
  • Batting Timing Meter to time your lofted shots.
  • Manual Field placement to control your opponent in All modes
  • Share and save game highlights generated at the end of the match.
  • A user can edit the playing 11 team, player names and their roles.
  • Misfielding, stunning wicketkeeper catches, quick stumping & tight 3rd umpire decisions to create a realistic cricketing experience.
  • New fielding, umpire, toss animations and 110+ new batting shots
  • Battle-tested and updated engine to provide fluid 30fps gaming on most mid-range devices.

Awards & Recognition

  • App Annie Report- Top Games by Time Spent, India 2016
  • App Annie Report- Top Games by MAU, India 2016, 2017 & 2018
  • Winner NASSCOM Gaming Forum Awards 2015 'Game of the Year' People’s Choice Award
  • Google play store - Best games of 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • Google play store - Most social games of 2017

What's New

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware-free

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How to Download And Install Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 APK

  1. Go to the URL for downloading Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 on your device (Laptop, Desktop, PC, Mobile)
  2. Click on the link.
  3. After clicking on the link, the user will get a warning message.
  4. The message will read “Allow apps for unknows resources”. Click on Allow/Yes and proceed.
  5. Some users may even get yet another warning message that says, “this time of file may harm your device”.
  6. Dismiss the message and continue as usual.
  7. You can see the downloaded PK file at the bottom or top of your screen depending on the device you are using.
  8. Click on it and installation will start.
  9. You can now play the game for free and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 Free?
A: Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 is free software with unlimited options. Switching free to professional mod is a bit costly. But you can get APK completely free from here.

Q: How to get Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 for android from apkstone.com?
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Q: What is the use of the Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 ?
A; Wcc2 Mod Apk Npl Auction Unlocked 2021 is one of the greatest (Tools) apps obtainable for android.

Q: is it legal to use apk file?
A: APK files are fully authorized apps format, till the time it’s not being misused. If you have low storage on your phone and you want to have a significant app then apk file is the best choice.

Also, there are a lot of apps unavailable on google play store with play store also being ban in some regions, Apk files are the best you can have with no worry.


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User Reviews
Ziyad : My experience with it this application since like 5 years now, is okay, actually more than that, though it also has glitches and stuff like that, like everybody else, but i just got used to it.
Allen : Initially,it's a gr8 app and I enjoy it very much but the most annoying thing is, the players that we buy with our coins doesnt have any special trait.
Alex : Finally found this app, I was searching this apk all over the internt and found here.
Ryan : This apk does more than just clean up your mobile. It also offers tools to secure your online activity and clear your tracks by deleting data from your browser. However, this is a feature that is already built into most modern web browsers by default.