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Minecraft Pe 1.16.40 Apk 2021

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1.16.40 for Android
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Apr 13, 2021
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Android 4.1
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A major change to Nether World is Minecraft PE v1.16.230.54. For more than six months Mojang has been working to introduce more biomes, ores, and products. This is accessible on Android and now, in the lost Nether World, you can test a bunch of new content.

Your journeys would be more diverse because you will see really frightening forests, stunning areas, magical valleys full of evil souls. New trees are good material for home decoration or strong blocks in the higher world, but with the vast variety of food blocks in the nether world, you can switch fully from the higher world.

Please use MCPE Master, the sister products of Multiplayer Master, if you want to host your server room with fantastic maps. But more than that are the duties of the MCPE master. Master for Minecraft-Launcher would be a lot stronger as you play single games. For instance, you can download and import various minecraft maps, skins, textures, seeds, and mods for FREE using the MCPE master. During the match, you can adjust your time and weather and teleportation freely in survival or artistic mode at any time.

  • Toolbox is a Minecraft launch/modification: PE (MCPE) tool that helps you to create stuff, potion effects, delightful objects, see precious blocks using a special mode named X-Ray, and much, much more.
  • Fixed bugs on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed bugs on Playstation 4 
  • Fixed an issue with account sign in button on Android
  • Fixed some crashes on iOS 

Support all versions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Minigames

For a team battle among 2-10 players.

Red Vs.Blue

A brand new function for Minecraft Multiplayer Master. Players can join a Red or Blue team to work together and fight against the other team.


The game will be started when there are enough players in the server. Easy and interesting.

Create & Join Server

The version supports download and import of addon. Players can now download addon directly from MCPE Master by one click. It is also an convenient addon tool to import addon from you phone's file.

  • HOST/JOIN Minecraft PE server within seconds FOR FREE!
  • Create PRIVATE server with password
  • Up to 10 players in one server room
  • Invite your friends from Facebook or Twitter or other social channels
  • Quick search by ID or mode
  • Floating window function: Block and kick griefers | Fire and Explosion Protection | Protect Items | Forbid Updating Blocks | Forbid Fighting
  • Support English | Russian | Korean | Portuguese | Thai | Chinese | Spanish | German | Italian | Malay | Filipino | Japanese | Turkish | French | Indonesian | Vietnamese

Minecraft 1.16.230 Features

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
New Crimson Steams and Warped Stems trees can be found in new Nether World biomes.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Use the axe to process the tree and get smoother options.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Then you can get unique decorative blocks of boards for building a new house.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Crimson boards can be used to create new doors, buttons, semi-blocks, and fences.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Warped wood has similar blocks with different textures!

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
New mud blocks can be found in new biomes (Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium)

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Crimson Forest is a scary place where you can find trees made of crimson wood

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
In this biome, you can find Hoglins! So far, they don't do anything, but they have such cute ears and this is one of the few sources of food.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Warped Forest - this biome similar to the Crimson Forest, but differs in dark blue fog, warped trees, and new mud blocks.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
In this biome, as in the Crimson Forest, you can find a new light source - Shroomlight block.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Soul Sand Valley in this biome you will find new blocks of the Soul Soil, which can be used to create Soul Fire Torch. This is a very mystical place because there is ash in the air, new mobs are flying, a light blue glow envelops the valley and be careful with the skeletons.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
If you need bone blocks, then this biome is a great place to mine these resources in large quantities.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Ancient Debris is a new precious material that can be found in the depths of Nether World. Use it to upgrade your diamond armor!

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Netherite armor and tools is an improved version of diamond armor and diamond tools.

  • Armor has increased protection, gives resistance to dropping
  • Tools have increased damage
  • The durability of netherite armor and tools is higher than that of diamond options

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
There is a very nice bonus from new items, for example, they do not burn in lava.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version

You can create new netherite blocks that have a strength half that of the obsidian variants.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version

Soul Torch and Soul lantern these are excellent light sources, you can also use these as decorative elements because they look much more beautiful.

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How to Download And Install Minecraft Pe 1.16.40 Apk 2021 APK

  1. Go to the URL for downloading Minecraft Pe 1.16.40 Apk 2021 on your device (Laptop, Desktop, PC, Mobile)
  2. Click on the link.
  3. After clicking on the link, the user will get a warning message.
  4. The message will read “Allow apps for unknows resources”. Click on Allow/Yes and proceed.
  5. Some users may even get yet another warning message that says, “this time of file may harm your device”.
  6. Dismiss the message and continue as usual.
  7. You can see the downloaded PK file at the bottom or top of your screen depending on the device you are using.
  8. Click on it and installation will start.
  9. You can now play the game for free and enjoy.

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