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Firestopper Apk 2021

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Tomm Gardner
1.3 für Android
Aktualisiert am:
Jul 07, 2021
13 MB
Erforderliches Android:
Android 4.1
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For sure, the Firestopper Apk program is a very popular and well-known application game. You'll be a fireman, and you'll be utilizing your hose line to put out the fires and rescue the town and its residents. Players will be able to travel up and down the ladder, utilizing the water from the hose line to move or even activate things such as elevators, crates, and other items.

Players will also contend with mechanical items, backdrafts, and even burning infernos. With the newest version of Firestopper, you'll be able to adjust the background music and effects, which will now continue to play on certain devices after the game has been closed. You may also consider resolving the water render crash on certain devices.


Setting Different Applications: You need to be much careful as in setting up the application in terms of downloading once and for all. The app setup is one such kind as where the user switched the Fire TV ‘ON’ and then the launcher will also start.

Firestick Device: The launcher will be holding on with all the apps, as well as add-ons and other resources or functionalities of the Firestick device.

Amazon Home Page: When the home tab is pressed then for sure the application diverts the user to the Amazon home page.

Things to know about FireStopper

  • Amazon can easily ban this app too, without needing to push a new software update, so this may just be a temporary fix.
  • If the official FireStarter gets updated, FireStopper’s updater will install the new version of FireStarter alongside FireStopper, so you will then need to uninstall FireStopper.
  • HOME button double-press detection does not work. Double pressing the HOME button will open the Fire TV’s app section, which is a new feature added with software update
  • HOME button single-press detection does work, but only through the ADB method. So you must force quit FireStopper, and toggle ADB debugging off and on, to make other ADB connections.
  • Your FireStarter settings will not be transferred over to FireStopper.
  • FireStopper only work on Fire OS 5.

Was gibt's Neues

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware-free

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